A little bit of xmas pudding philosophy

Time, patience and the best ingredients…

We make all our Christmas Puddings by hand in our small bakery near Exeter in Devon. We’ve always made puddings for our friends and family and so have perfected our recipe over many years. We don’t try to be clever and reinvent the wheel – this is a traditional British figgy pudding (not at all like the mass-produced supermarket version!).


Christmas Puddings

As our business has grown, we’ve never forgotten that a good homemade Christmas Pudding takes time to create and cannot be rushed.

We make each one with the same care that we did when we were making just a handful for our friends and family, so you can be sure you’re buying a Christmas Pudding that really is just as you’d make yourself at home.

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The best ingredients

Quality ingredients are at the heart of a good Christmas pudding and you’ll find only the best in ours.

We use the fabulous Port Stout made by Devon-based Hanlons Brewery, and the warm and rich Somerset Cider Brandy made by the Somerset Distillery. Both of which we also highly recommend for after dinner relaxation!

We also use handmade breadcrumbs from a local bakery, naturally coloured cherries, California raisins, free-range eggs… the list goes on and on (and can be found in detail using the link below).

our ingredients

Small batch production

Making everything by hand allows us to maintain the homemade finish of a really old-fashioned Christmas pudding.

The mixture is stirred slowly and carefully, the bowls are filled one-by-one and the puddings are steamed for hours and hours – just like our Grandmothers used to do it.

We also allow our puddings time to mature in the traditional way, giving the flavours time to mature and develop perfectly in time for Christmas.

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Multi-award winning

We know awards aren’t everything, but it’s still lovely to have all our hard work recognised!

Our Christmas Pudding has won multiple Gold Stars in the Great Taste Awards and Gold Awards from Taste of the West, as well as a Platinum Award and Best Packaging Award from Food Drink Devon.

For 2021, we have won a Gold Taste of the West award and have been shortlisted for Best in Class. 

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