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"I found you by watching James Martin on the TV, and I’m so glad I did! We all loved the Christmas pudding and well worth paying the extra for."

P Biddle, Jan 2021

"Just a quick note to say thank you for our wonderful Puddings. They were the highlight of the Christmas dinner and enjoyed by everyone. This is the sixth year we have had them and they just get better!"

C Bristow, Jan 2016

“Lovely taste - quite the best Christmas pudding we have eaten. You can expect us to be back for a 2017 version.”

P FitzGerald, Dec 2016

“Thank you for the most wonderful Christmas Puddings. When I was young my mother always made our Christmas Puddings, and since then we have tried many different brands, but nothing comes close to yours! Thank you so much for making this part of our Christmas perfect!”

R Wakefield, Jan 2017

"Lovely pudding as always!”

D Lloyd, Feb 2017

“Just a note of appreciation! A fine product (and we have tried a few), moist and tasty. Well done and thank you... another for next year!”

T Digges La Touche, Jan 2017

“Just wanted to say that your puddings are amazing!!!!!”

D Chambers, Jan 2017

“Just a quick email to say that was the best Christmas Pudding we’ve ever had: my wife, my three sons and I demolished the whole lot and eagerly anticipate the other one for New Year’s Day!”

K Murphy, Dec 2016

"Just had to tell you how wonderfully delicious your pudding was yesterday!! It was a great finale to our festive menu and it was a unanimous and resounding success with everyone. Thoroughly deliciously yummy and your puddings will now be a new tradition to our Christmas Lunch!"

S Hawksworth, Dec 2016

“I have just sampled a Figgy`s Christmas Pudding I received in a Hamper at Christmas. My wife and I agreed that it was the BEST Christmas Pudding we have ever tasted!”

A Paterson, Jan 2017

“Thank you for yet another perfect Christmas pudding, not a scrap left on the day. ”

D Stokes, Jan 2017

“Your Christmas pudding was absolutely amazing!!!”

L Brown, Jan 2017

"Undeniably one of the best tasting puddings my family and I have ever had!"

P Lewis, Pembrokeshire, Jan 2015

"Your puddings are fantastic, so light they could have floated away."

L Taylor, Jan 2021

"I can honestly say your puddings are quite simply the best we’ve ever tasted, so rich, moist and full of fruit and flavour."

M Greenwood, Jan 2021

"As always our Christmas pudding was amazing. They are so deliciously moist, full of fruit and bursting with flavour. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without one of your puddings."

S Brock, Jan 2021

"Once again your Christmas pudding was probably the culinary highlight of our Christmas Day! Absolutely delicious, and always a joyful part of the meal that brings everyone back to life again when we light the pudding."

C Ashwell, Jan 2022

"Once again your Christmas pudding was a great success with the family and I think there would be uproar if I ever stopped buying from Figgy’s."

J Bunnett, Jan 2022

"Have once again thoroughly enjoyed one of your magnificent Christmas Puddings. Thank you so much for producing such a culinary masterpiece."

D Duke, Jan 2022

"As ever, your Christmas pudding really made our lunch special. It was delicious. I know we can always rely on a beautiful pudding from Figgy’s."

E Gillman, Jan 2022

"Once again another triumph! As juicy and yummy as always. Your pudding finished the Christmas day meal perfectly."

J Thomas, Jan 2022

"This was my first time in ordering and I was completely stunned both with the product and the professionalism of your little family set up. The pudding arrived in plenty of time. It was packaged perfectly with clear instructions and let me tell you, it was divine. A sweet, boozy, haze with just the right amount of everything you would want. My Dad, who was in awe of it, has asked if you can do it all year round!"

G Rennie, Jan 2021

"I have been buying Figgy’s Christmas puddings for the last few years and our guests always say it’s the best Christmas pudding I have ever had!"

J Hamilton, Jan 2021

"My wife and I have enjoyed your Christmas puddings for five years now and they are a part of our Christmas we always look forward to. The postman has an extra special Christmassy smile as he carries the box up the garden path."

M Allen, Jan 2021

"I placed orders for three friends this time & I honestly can’t fault anything about the service, packaging, delivery & most importantly the taste of your wonderful puddings."

C Webb, Jan 2021

“Thank you yet again for another wonderful fruity flavourful pudding... best ever and not a crumb left.”

Arnold Family, Jan 2017

“We wanted to thank you so much for the best Christmas pudding that we have ever had. We bought it at the Exeter Christmas Market and brought it back to Canada to have with our Christmas dinner. Everybody was thrilled by the taste. Thank you.”

J Smith, Dec 2017

“Everyone loved the pud, even those who would not usually eat Christmas pudding! There was none left and they were delicious!”

C Mitchell, Jan 2019

“Thank you for yet another perfect Christmas pudding, not a scrap left on the day.”

D Stokes, Jan 2019

“Thank you ever so much for such a prompt service. The puddings arrived this morning and Mum was absolutely thrilled. We were delighted to discover you last year... your puddings made such an impact that I've been waiting in eager anticipation all year for Christmas to come round again!”

R Smith, Dec 2019

"We’ve all just tucked into one of your puddings for the first time today and it’s without a doubt the best we’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious, thank you!"

S Rushton, Dec 2019

“For the fourth year in a row we were lucky enough to have your pudding and once again it was fantastic, thank you! Anyone out there who hasn’t had the pleasure of tasting this deliciousness, do so, you will not be disappointed!”

C Crawford, Dec 2019

“Beautiful tasty Christmas puddings - do try one.”

C Holman-lobb, Dec 2019

“They are fabulous puddings, we’ve had them for a couple of years now and always look forward to them.”

P Pitts, Dec 2019

“ My first experience this year. Delicious pudding, thank you!”

M Lawson, Dec 2019

“Thank you so much for getting our pudding to us before Christmas. I really thought we had left too late this year. We have enjoyed your puddings for a few years now and yesterday was no exception!”

G Thomas, Dec 2019

“With all that is going on in our strange world at the moment, it’s good to know we can rely on Figgy’s for a wee bit of normality. Thank you to you and your wonderful puds!”

C Crawford, Oct 2020

“Well done with your continued success. It is so well deserved because a Christmas without a Figgy Pudding would be very grim indeed.”

N Martin, Oct 2020

“I saw your article in Women and Home so bought one for Christmas Day and one for Boxing Day and they were absolutely delicious.”

A Edwards, Jan 2019
A Edwards, Jan 2019

“When I came over on a short break to stay with friends before Christmas, they took me to the Exeter Christmas Market. I tasted one of your puddings and it was the best I had ever tasted. I bought two small ones as presents and a medium one for Christmas Day. Well the Christmas Day one was polished off and everyone that had it said it was the best they had ever tasted! Even my sister, who is not that keen on Christmas Pudding, loved it!”

J Trebert, Jan 2019

“Just tasted your Christmas pudding, which my wife ordered from you online, and it was the best I have ever tasted. Really wonderful!”

P Radzan, Dec 2017

“Thank you for your delicious Christmas pudding. Definitely home made, most enjoyable. Made pudding a knock out. I look forward to reordering in 2018 - now a regular!”

B Coombes, Jan 2018

“Wanted you to know, having eaten our Christmas pudding yesterday, that it was the best pudding I have ever tasted - just perfect and not heavy. Absolutely delicious and enjoyed by everyone. Will definitely be ordering next year. Thank you!”

A Tolley, Jan 2018

“We purchased one of your puddings at the Christmas craft fair at Blenheim. It was the best pudding ever! We really enjoyed it on Christmas Day. Thank you!”

M Adamson, Jan 2018

“Just a quick email to thank you for our delicious pudding which we had today. Suffice to say not a crumb was left!! Thank you again - and we’re already looking forward to our next one.”

J & T Ford, Jan 2018

“I'd just like to thank you for my figgy pudding which I enjoyed over Christmas. It was the best one, full of flavour and I will be ordering again for 2018.”

D Lewis, Jan 2018

“We bought one of your Christmas puddings here in Oxford and we will never buy anything but your puddings again. It was totally fantastic and easily the best we have ever had. Thanks so much!”

J Roberts, Jan 2018

“We enjoyed our pudding (as usual) but the ones I sent as gifts also went down especially well. Comments like, so light, beautiful flavour etc. Carry on the good work and I hope 2018 is a good year for you and your family.”

E Prichard, Jan 2018

"The Christmas pudding was truly amazing, the best we have ever tasted!"

S Bayne, Jan 2019

“I really just wanted to say wow and thank you for your product. My partner and I have devoured the lot!.”

W Shuttle, Dec 2018

“The pudding was absolutely delicious! Best I've ever tasted! Thanks for sending it very quickly... you have another long-term customer here, thumbs up.”

T Doughty, Dec 2018

“Our Christmas pudding has arrived and we can't wait to eat it at Christmas. Me and my husband only ever used to eat a token piece of Christmas pudding as it was traditional in both our families. After discovering Figgy's Christmas puddings we now go back for seconds.”

S Kemp, Nov 2020

“Quite simply the loveliest, tastiest, most moist Christmas pudding I’ve ever had.”

~ K Goodrum, Jan 2013